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Welcome to the Collective!

Christina Bowen

2 Posts -- Pacific Northwest
Hi, I'm a Collective co-founder, knowledge ecologist, and mapper. I build dynamic maps aimed at coherent futures for a wide variety of clients and projects. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

Philip Sheldrake

1 Post -- London
Chartered Engineer. Partner @eulerpartners. @akashaorg. Architect @hiproj, and Open Farming. Co-founder @tech_we_trust co-op.

Eric Barry Drasin

1 Post -- Buffalo, NY
Dream Architect - research: media/art/theory/economy/distributed tech. I don't believe in anything that isn't made up.

Roy Brooks

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Dino Oreski

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Jerry Michalski

0 Post -- Portland, Oregon
Itinerant troublemaker. Inveterate map whisperer. Steward of the Collective.

David Ing

0 Post -- Toronto
Author; Innovation Strategist; Technology Executive; Management Consultant. Past-president International Society for the Systems Sciences. Alumnus of IBM.

Robert Best

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Jim Whitescarver

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communication scientist wannabee


0 Post -- Fort Worth, Texas
Member of RChain Coop and Digital Life Collective, Retired Educator, Copy/Paste Programmer, Decentralization Maximalist, Mystic, Fort Worth

Kaliya IdentityWoman

0 Post -- Oakland
Whole Systems PolyMath. Digital identity expert. Unconference Designer and Facilitator. Instructor at Merritt College. Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Expert.

Kamal Patel

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Michael Linton

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community money systems - cooperative, collaborative, common and also known as mutual credit - have been my focus for 35 years.

Les Moore

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Moon Lee

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Graham Mitchell

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Stacey Druss

0 Post -- New York
"The space between our wicked lies is where we hope to keep safe from the pain." I work to make honesty safe and hold the space to step back and see other possibilities.