So, you want to write. The topics the Collective covers inspire you to research, to consider, to put something out there to start a discussion. Do it. We are the Collective; the diverse thoughts we have cohere around Tech We Trust and everyone plays a part in developing the dialogue.

Participate however you want to: interview someone you think has an interesting perspective, go on a rant, tell your personal story. Whatever form it takes, if it relates to our Collective endeavour, your content has a place here. We’ll help write, publish and promote it.

We’re here (we is the editing content circle) to make sure that though we have a million voices, as members of the Collective, we use those voices as clearly as possible. We recommend reading at least three of our previously published stories, not only because they’re fun, but also so you get a sense of the voices of the Collective. We know life runs at a different speeds, but will make sure the content matches everyone’s pace. We’ll equip you with tools and support not only for refining your efforts, but publishing and promoting them as well. We do this so you can learn, share your learning  and gain exposure for your work. Have fun with it.

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It all Starts with an idea

You are curious about a topic. You met someone who blew your mind. You read a book that illuminates a point in a very clear way. You had a chat that brought together two areas that you had never thought about in the same context.

However you found it, congratulations! You can’t start a fire without a spark. Now your idea can spread like wildfire.

Below you will find a suggested work process followed by links to all the tools mentioned in the workflow. If you are an experienced author you might breeze through the drafts, but it’s still worth mining the Collective hive mind.

Get Writing!

First Draft

Just get it down. While you are in the flow of feeling this is important and your brain is focused on it, write at full speed. Use a collaborative word processor (members often use Gdocs for drafting to make it easy for others to make suggestions). Don’t worry  about structure or tone or style. Just get it down. Include notes to self, links to sources, etc… We’ve seen each other’s brain dumps, no shame. It can be as long or as short as you want.

Then head to the publishing channel in our member projects chat (or ask for help) and announce your intention like this:

Hello @channel, I am writing a post on {the briefest description of your topic you can muster}. The working title is [Your Working Title](insert link to your first draft) and I hope to have it ready to publish by XX/XX/XX.

Your title doesn’t have to be smart yet, it’s just so we can talk about it. Wrapping the title in [square brackets](and the link in parenthesis) with no space between, hides the link and makes your title clickable. (This is good practice whenever you drop a link, especially long, non-descriptive ones, into any Mattermost chat space.)

We will get back with an offer of the best internal expert we could find on the topic, and an editor who will help guide you through the process. (If you want to read more about our publishing platform Ghost, view it in our Editorial Guidebook)

Look out for feedback that helps you find the gold, distill points and establish the best structure. At this stage you may get suggestions on other avenues of inquiry (eg.. have you read Foucault on Panopticon?)

Second Draft

In the same document, write this draft above the first draft so it is the first thing people see (feel free to copy and paste).  Write following the structure - it helps to include headings every few paragraphs. Distill the points, find the best examples, references and links. Share the link again in the publishing channel or  in a dedicated circle if one has been set up. Feedback this time should refer you to style guidelines, and the Collective voice. Don’t worry, we don’t need to have the same ideas or outlooks, but we do need to make sure we’re generally using the same words in the same way.

Third Draft

Write above the previous two drafts (feel free to copy and paste), or accept or reject changes if using Google Docs or similar editor with version history. Write to meet style guidelines and place within the Collective context - this includes referencing Collective pages that address topics and perhaps prompting further thought.

Publish, Promote

Polish for publication. If you haven’t been working in Ghost, move the content into Ghost. (Quick way to get your formatting into Ghost - use Mark It Down). Look for images you own, or search in Unsplash and Pexels. Click Preview (the “eye” icon along the bottom bar in Ghost) or side by side (the “box split in half” icon along the bottom bar in Ghost). Please look at our image guidelines. Work with your editor to ensure all other metadata is correct as well.  Click Publish.

Once you click publish send it around your social media be sure to post a link in our Collective open chat so members can read and share your work on social media. If you have other publishing platforms (eg Medium, WordPress) you can also syndicate there.


When an article is published, it automatically creates a discussion post. Put up a discussion question there and interact with comments and consider amending, adding to the blog, or creating a “Part 2” or follow-up post, if a comment helps advance the thinking. The “public” or world at large, is the biggest circle we’re all members of.

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